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Art Deco Cattleya Needlepoint Canvas - Fine Art Needlepoint Canvas for Sale

"Art Deco Needlepoint Canvas"  Pigmented print on Needlepoint, Orchid Art, Needlepoint Art, Fine Art for Sale from Artist Renee FW Lichtman

"Art Deco Cattleya Needlepoint Canvas"
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Title: "Art Deco Cattleya Needlepoint Canvas"
Canvas Type: Needlepoint Mesh 12 holes to the inch, White Mono, 100% Cotton
Orientation: Landscape Format
Image Size: 11 inches x 14 inches
Canvas Size: 13 inches x 17 inches
Price, includes shipping: $35.00
Description: A bright and cheerful orange Cattleya Orchid grows by a representation of water flowing over rocks. This design is printed on white 100% cotton needlepoint mono mesh. It comes in 12 to the inch needlepoint mesh. Keep in mind that the hole size determines which threads you should use. Heavier threads like three ply Persian yarn requires a 10 hole needlepoint mesh while DMC's Cotton Pearl, flat cotton or six strands of embroidery floss require the smaller holes of 12 to the inch needlepoint mesh. You may also use two ply of the triple ply threads from a Persian needlepoint yarn.