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Gallery Renee Site Map - Fine Art for Sale

Gallery Renee is an on line art gallery divided into fifteen topical sub galleries based on topic or medium. We sell Renee's original art work; high quality, signed and numbered, limited edition giclee prints; and art needlepoint canvases created from select images

Art Galleries - Art for Sale

Abstract Art Gallery - Abstract Art for Sale
The Abstract Art Gallery contains nonrepresentational art. The focus of the art is on line, composition, color, and texture.

Ballpoint Pen Art Gallery - Ballpoint Pen Art for sale
The Ballpoint Pen Art Gallery is devoted to art work created with the unusual medium of ballpoint pen. Within it you will see abstracts, fantasy and realistic images rendered with ballpoint pens.

Botanical and Floral Art Gallery - Botanical and Floral Art for Sale
The Botanical and Floral Art Gallery contains close up images of botanical subjects. They are usually  presented as single blossoms or plant parts.

Fantasy Art Gallery - Fantasy Art for Sale
The Fantasy Art Gallery contains images that are not too concerned about adhering strictly to reality.

Figurative and Portrait Art Gallery - Figurative and Portrait Art for Sale
The figurative and portrait art gallery contains art images which include a human figure or face

Garden Flower Art Gallery - Garden Flower Art for Sale
Garden flower art images are different than botanical in that they are more likely to be outdoors and include compositions of various plants and flowers together rather than a study of a single plant or flower.

Landscape Art Gallery - Landscape Art for Sale
This small art gallery contains landscape  photos, drawings and paintings. Although the space in the image need not be very large the area is the subject rather than any single element within it.

Needlepoint Art Gallery - Needlepoint Canvases for Sale
These are needlepoint canvases for you to stitch. The designs are created from  Renee Lichtman's art work and printed on white 100% cotton mesh needlepoint canvas.

Orchid Art Gallery - Orchid Art for Sale
The Orchid Art gallery displays only orchid images created with a variety of techniques. Techniques include ballpoint pen drawings and photography

Pen and Ink Art Gallery - Pen and Ink Art for Sale
The Pen and Ink drawings are different from ballpoint pen drawings. They have less color, often only one color, and more paper space showing.

Photographic Art Gallery - Photographic Art for Sale
The Photographs in this art gallery cover a variety of subjects. Among them orchids, lilies, garden flowers and landscapes.

Still Life Art Gallery - Still Life Art for Sale
Still Life art drawn with  crayons or pastels.

Little Dog With A Lot to Say Cartoon Art Gallery
Feisty Little Dog Cartoon Art by Mat Lichtman.

Title List - Art for Sale at Gallery Renee
Art works on this web site can be found in more than one gallery due to the subject or style presented in that gallery. For example an orchid photo would be displayed in both the Orchid Art Gallery and the Photographic Art Gallery. The Title List has an alphabetical listing by title that disregards topic or style. You can use this list if you don't want to see the art grouped in galleries or check if you missed any images.

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